Without a shadow of doubt – Contemplation on Gene Key 63

Art: Jeremy Nouhaud Donnadieux

“The mathematical configurations latent within the I Ching have been discussed by many great logical minds. The celebrated 17th century philosopher and mathematician Gottfried von Leibniz found confirmation in the I Ching for his invention of binary mathematics, the foundation of virtually all modern computer architecture. That the essential code for the 64 Gene Keys lies at the root of both our DNA and all computer programming is an indication of how profound and real these 64 codes of consciousness really are. The polarity formed by the 63rd and 64th Gene Keys contains paradoxes that can be as wonderful as they are frustrating for the human mind.”

Excerpt From: Richard Rudd. “Gene Keys.” iBooks.
Gene Key 63 // Doubt – Inquiry – Truth

Mercury Vindicated from the Alchemists

The mask portrays the God mercury traveled a crew of alchemists that have abused his nature. Anti-Mask, in the alchemical laboratory, participate in the twelve alchemist figures, and twelve “imperfect creatures” wearing helmets in the shape of Alimbekov. After the dance, they were dispersed by the intervention of God, and the scene changes to the “glorious gazebo”, in which mercury, along with Prometheus and the personification of nature, introduced into the dance masquing courtiers, who were twelve “Sons of nature”. For source material for this work, “Jonson drew on Sendivogiuss satirical Dialogus Mercurii, Alchymistae and Naturae. “Jonson treats alchemists of quackery in his text, as he does in the game Alchemist. The words “at court” in the full title of the work has provoked scholars to discuss the meaning and importance of Johnsons text, as these alchemists were not particularly well represented in Jamess court. The work is clearly more symbolic than literal, though critics disagree on the specifics of its meaning.” – LINK6 January 1615

Jonson’s Mercury Vindicated from the Alchemists at Court (1615). In doing so, the essay suggests how the masque’s multimodal imagery “works” upon the masquers and spectators. Reading the masque as an embodied hieroglyphic experience consisting of a combination of word, image, sound, and movement, the article argues that Mercury Vindicated parallels the masque’s alchemical subject matter with the “transmutation” of the noble masquers beneath the benevolent light of James’s gaze, and reveals James as an alchemical catalyst whose governance perfects his subjects through politically sanctioned social mobility. Though it seems on the surface to condemn practical alchemists, the masque in fact both performs and valorizes a form of spiritual alchemy. LINK

Mercury is the god of mind, intellect, thought, voice and language. Our magical capacity to manifest through language, both thought and uttered, is so central that we often take it for granted and spend time and energy seeking more power. Instead, we simply need to learn to use the power with which we are already endowed, and which is constantly replenished as it flows through us in acts of attention.

GOTU KOLA + MERCURY :: 🌱 Mercury is the main Planet associated with Alchemy, from whom the ancient philosophy and science of Hermetics was derived. Mercury is related to the Egyptian Thoth, which is where we get the root of our word “thought.” Thoth was said to bring to the Egyptians knowledge of the Heavens and the Earth, their spiritual science, system of medicine, magic, Astrology, and spirituality. Considering the traditional usage of Gotu Kola as a tonic for the mind, cognition, and senses, it fits quite well under a Mercurial rulership. Anyone that’s taken Gotu Kola in high enough doses, for a long enough time, truly notices a complete shift in the way their cognitive functions operate. Memory improves. Focus increases. A new level of clarity is found. These are all ways in which this plant is targeting the Mercurial side of our astrological architecture. Mercury has a powerful relationship to the rest of the Planets because Mercury is the communicator, the messenger, and the weaver of the above and below, inner and outer ✨Evolutionary Herbalism

9:54: I think a little bit of daunted-ness is appropriate and useful. We don’t want paralytic dread. Mark Twain said “worry is not preparation – and he also said – I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, most of which never came to pass.” We go – yeah we don’t want the useless paralytic dread, we are willing to release useless paralytic dread, just incase some of it is useful. What I’ve come to understand is there is an opening to prayer. There is so much in this beautiful language before one does a reading – that I do the calculations and I still hand draw the charts, it’s my way of feeling into the dynamic. Just drawing those symbols.

So even in the way of all this high tech computer stuff – and I calculate that, and print the chart but then I hand draw it. Just making those symbols every day and then you get to honour each person and each part of that person as you are drawing the chart. So then they are informing me what most wants being said. We have our mantra, as we draw the chart – “guide me to say – with my head, my heart and my instinct – all that this person needs for their greater health, happiness and contribution of their gift to the community. May it be so.” Part of this is we are collaborating and that we really can’t do anything of ourselves. I think the value of writing down or aspiring to setting vows – is to acknowledge we can’t even be as good as we want to be. The purpose of vows is to put it on the table and go – “I aspire to be this, oh forces of ‘Woof’ that animate the universe” – or however we choose to animate the divine – “hold me to this – this is how I want to be.”

I think this is a great time for us all to do this now – right so – what do I want to feel like? What do we want the effect of each one of us to feel like to the world? To be… encouraging, inspiring, sizzly, provocative? anything is fair game, but it’s useful not to live life by default… you know, to intend and experiment. I do like compassion with sizzle. Too much of that ‘Angel’ stuff, the shadow can be denied and those people can stab you in the back. So we want compassion with sizzle – I like the quality of fierce blessing. “We are allowed to send anything out into the world, of which we would be the happy recipient.” But we want to experiment with that also – one of my favourites is – “may it be, that each human have an increasing empathic experience of the effect of their actions on others” and yeah – I’d take that, so let it rip. So that people really feel their effect of their actions upon others.

It’s very much Osiris and the Egyptian book of the Dead. From which the 10 Commandments were actually stolen, erm – the 10 Commandants were extracted from the Egyptian book of the Dead, which was a 101 professions of faith… in which Osiris on the brink of his death, he says, “I have not – you know, stolen”…. “I have not… coveted my neighbours goods”… and all the other 101 good things. It wasn’t… “Thou shall not….” – we can do this… and so our hearts are weighed against the feather. “Keep your blood light” is a beautiful Arabic saying but the great miracle is those that have been subjected to incredibly difficult experiences, who have not been left bitter, they have kept their blood light, their hearts light. Humbly, in praise to the divine and with the power of blessing.

Caroline Casey

Lady – “Your voice, where does it come from? I mean – is it physical or spiritual?”

Jeff – “Just the same place your voice comes from.”

Lady – “I don’t have your voice unfortunately.”

Jeff – “I don’t have your voice. What I mean is…”

Lady – “It’s natural?”

Jeff – “It’s just…. your voice is your essence. It’s the most – ask any singer, it’s the most revealing thing you could possibly do. If your not feeling into a show, the whole band is together and even your guitar playing is cool, and it’s your voice that tells the entire crowd that your just not into it – theres no way you can lie about it. You can’t grimace and fake it. Your voice does everything. Your voice gives you information. You know how people talk in two languages – the words that they give you and the information that really is conveyed through the sound of the voice. That’s how children learn how to speak. Thats how people know the Truth.”

Einstein made the famous statement “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The fact is that the laws of logic depend upon a completely illogical premise — the notion of infinity. Infinity is a logical impossibility and yet the human brain is designed in such a way that it can conceptualise this paradox. At the human Shadow frequency, these two great genetic archetypes, the 63rd Shadow and the 64th Shadow give birth to two conditions known as doubt and confusion respectively. Doubt is born when you lose touch with the wonder of imagination, and confusion comes about when you rely too heavily on logic. If you turn these concepts around, you could just as easily say that doubt is the foundation of logic whereas confusion is the breeding ground for imagination. The 63rd Shadow of Doubt represents a huge question mark literally wired into the human brain. Your logical left brain is designed to see things in terms of repeating patterns and this ability has been a key ingredient in human evolution.”

Excerpt From: Richard Rudd. “Gene Keys.” iBooks.

In the beginning, was the Word.

“On the other hand, the 12th house is not so merciful and thus why it is associated with asylums and total insanity as well as liberation (as those things are scarily close— both geniuses and schizophrenics can find meaning in everything, but one is tapped into truth and one is flooded with delusion). If you begin to believe you are having a Kundalini awakening because you feel your back burning one day, or believe you are psychic for some vague reason, your mind can easily run away with that idea and begin making false patterns. You can be prone to a whole host of other mental deceptions that build on one another endlessly and with nothing concrete to stop you because of the “spiritual” label you place on these things, which, again have no standards, or doctors, or scientific tests— and in fact tends to feed off of a me-against-them mentality inherently (as Pisces, the natural 12th house, also relates to dissolving all connection to the world and community). This huge amount of deception that has been built then impedes completely on your ability to actually face yourself and your inabilities or weaknesses, face the truth of reality, find real patterns and develop real skills that you can truly prove to yourself, and succeed in both the material and spiritual realms.”

Claire Nakti – Female Path course – Lesson 47

Taking off your Mask – a true healing by Timothy Gay

So where do we start? What do we look at first? There’s no concrete place to start as everything is important to look at. You can start with your fears. Fears about failure, success, relationships, etc. Look at your relationships with people, your resentments and grudges, regrets, rejections. Look at any vows, oaths, or contracts you made in this lifetime or a previous lifetime (if you believe in that) that may have served you then but holds you back now. You can look at past lives and see what’s still serving you now and what lessons you’ve learned from that. There’s a lot to look at and each discovery gets you closer to your authentic self where you get to live your truth.

Once you become the authentic being you were born to be, you can take back your power you’ve given away to the mask. It’s no longer attractive nor is it safe. You can truly live your truth and be genuine. As we raise our consciousness, our inner God begins to awaken and we no longer need our masks. As the world becomes evermore conscious, people will see that wearing a mask is no longer worth it, and the planet’s consciousness will rise. We will truly enter a state of Oneness. Are you ready to take off your mask yet? It’s time to step into your power and live your truth!

Inorganic or Inner Organic ~ Contemplation on Gene Key 35

Art: Jason Limon

“There’s a yearning that drives addiction… be it to alcohol and drugs, or sex, love, you name it. But like I’ve said many times, what does The Wanting want? What is it? When are you going to be happy? When are you going to arrive at this place that you’ve been pursuing either through passion of passivity? When are you going to arrive there? There is something just below the grid of behaviours, the equations that make up the self. Just beyond it… there is a secondary observing self.”

Russell Brand
Gene Key 35 // Hunger – Adventure – Boundlessness

Fortitude behind the times,
requires more than just the lust –
a secret known to many,
oh – forgotten child of dust.
Remember where you came from
and to back which you will go –
all of this reveals
in the tao of the flow.
Remove your only knowledge,
for together we will row,
gently down a river swaying,
backwards, forwards, to & fro.
I knew that you could hear me,
and don’t wonder if you know.
You’ll remember, when you see me –
why it needed this way to go.

– Jenny

Walking through Manchester City Centre and crossing paths with a stranger, at the threshold between us – we stopped and looked at each other. In that moment – he asked me an unusual question.“Would you rather swap a Dolphin with a Scuba Diver?” He carried on walking past, I stopped to think of my answer. I looked back to reply “I think I’d prefer the Dolphin.” He looked over his shoulder, confused and with a quizzical expression – as though he had never asked any question at all.

It would be in contradiction to the conservative nature of the instincts,’ said Freud, ‘if the goal of life were a state of things which had never been attained.’ No, he said, what we desire must necessarily be an old state of things. Organisms strive, circuitously, to return to the inorganic – the dust, the stone, the earth – from which they came. “The aim of all life is death,” said Freud

To follow on from the previous post on Kundalini, today’s spread opened with the Minoan Snake Goddess from Crete. This ancient symbol, these figures standing as a doorway between two serpents, or two cats or two rods – can be traced back through many cultures. According to the series, Magical Egypt – it could potentially represent the hypnogogic state, which is the combination of being asleep and awake at the same time, called Lucid Dreaming – which is a state of consciousness the Ancient Egyptians were known to be skilled at maintaining. The hypnogogic state is said to be as though you are trying to balance on top of a ball, on top water. From my own personal experiences with those dream states, becoming conscious while asleep, Inception-style dreaming – I can attest to the most amazing things you can experience there – such as flying, or my personal favourite was, swimming in the ocean with Dolphins.

Being awake and asleep are polar opposites to each other, as is the past and the future. If then, we can wake ourselves up in the dream at night, perhaps by day – we could learn to be more “asleep.” Relax more, and allow that dreamlike flexibility and symbolism to enter into our daily lives. I call it, getting into the flow state with life itself. Full faith and trust that our reality has our back, we don’t need to control everything and we can learn how to intuitively interpret our daily experiences to find the gold of our own wisdom hidden within them. As though children with innocent eyes, viewing the world as an ever expanding journey of awesome.


When we realise we have a deep desire to die, we can begin to truly decide to live. The greatest adventure we can have then, is into the boundlessness of all what is truly possible for ourselves. It’s all our choice.

As soon as you reach the beginning, you reach the end.

In the Astrology of Fate, Liz Greene indicated that the “volcano is often located wherever Pluto is found in the horoscope. ” Wherever Pluto is located we may have a surge of explosive emotions erupt in our lives.

“The tale of the apes, I think, relates to the observations of Sigmund Freud on the goal of all life. Freud was, whatever else he was, the great student of our desire, our will to live happily ever after. He studied our wishes, our fulfilment of our wishes, in the narrative of our dreams. He believed we rearranged our stories in our dream-life to give ourselves happy endings, each according to his or her secret needs. (He claimed not to know what women really wanted, and this ignorance colours and changes his stories.) Then, in the repeated death-dreams of the soldiers of the First World War he discovered a narrative that contradicted this desire for happiness, for wish-fulfilment. He discovered, he thought, a desire for annihilation. He rethought the whole history of organic life under the sun, and came to the conclusion that what he called the ‘organic instincts’ were essentially conservative – that they reacted to stimuli by adapting in order to preserve, as far as possible, their original state.‘

It would be in contradiction to the conservative nature of the instincts,’ said Freud, ‘if the goal of life were a state of things which had never been attained.’ No, he said, what we desire must necessarily be an old state of things. Organisms strive, circuitously, to return to the inorganic – the dust, the stone, the earth – from which they came. “The aim of all life is death,” said Freud, telling his creation story in which the creation strives to return to the state before life was breathed into it, in which the shrinking of the peau de chagrin, the diminishing of the ape, is not the terrible concomitant of the life-force, but its secret desire.”

– Excerpt From: BYATT, Antonia S – Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye

“The action began in October 1829 at the Palais-Royal. A young man walks into a gambling house and loses. Ruined, suicidal, he wanders in Paris and enters an antique dealer where he discovers a veritable treasure cave before being interrupted by the almost “magical” appearance of an old man: “A painter would have, with two different expressions and in two brushstrokes, make this figure a beautiful image of the Eternal Father or the sneering mask of Mephistopheles … ” . The old man first takes the depressed young aristocrat, Raphaël de Valentin, for a thief, but the latter deceives him. The old man then takes out a skin of sorrow of a surprising aspect:“The black grains of sorrow were so carefully polished and so well browned, the capricious stripes were so clean and so clear, that, like facets of garnet, the roughness of this oriental leather formed so many small hearths which reflected vividly. the light. “ . He then shows him characters embedded in the skin which explain (in Sanskrit) the principle of the skin of sorrows: “With each will, I will decrease like your days. “ .


“Adventure is not yet immersion in that oneness, but it is what it feels like to swim within that oneness. Oneness cannot be known mentally, even though it can be logically deduced. Oneness can only be felt when enough serotonin is produced within our bodies. It is not simply a matter of pumping more seratonin into your body that creates the experience of the higher frequencies. Seratonin is only one link in a whole chain of interconnected chemicals (such as pinoline and harmine) that are secreted within the laboratory of the body. Higher consciousness comes about due to the delicate balance of all these chemicals in highly specific quantities and cocktails. So exact and finely tuned is this balance inside each person that it can only come about through a natural inner organic process. This is the great adventure that you take as the 35th Gift arises in your inner being — you enter a process of alchemical co-creation within your own body. ”

Excerpt From: Richard Rudd. “Gene Keys.” iBooks.
Magical Egypt – Season 2 – Episode 4

“That which has a divine cause,
not that whose cause a human person fails to understand”

Aquinas’ Philosophy
of Miracles Definition.

Codon Ring of Miracles – Gene Key 35

As the single heart of the Ring of Miracles, the 35th Gene Key brings the miraculous into the world. It opens up all kinds of possibilities to those who allow their minds to become like a child’s. To the child, anything seems possible — this is the state of boundlessness. To activate such streams of miracles, you have to break free from the beliefs and limitations imposed on your mind by the world and those around you. Throughout history, men have flown, ascended and dematerialized right before people’s eyes. Anything is possible in the Ring of Miracles. It asks us to break the laws of form and to manifest miracles so that people can expand their awareness and open their hearts to a greater mode of being.

“She stood there, holding her glass weight. And the djinn kissed her hand, and vanished towards Lake Ontario like a huge cloud of bees, leaving behind on the pavement a sheepskin jacket that shrank slowly, to childsize, to doll size, to matchbox size, to a few fizzing atoms, and was gone. He left also a moving heap of dread-locks, like some strange hedgehog, which stirred a little, ran along a few feet, and vanished down a drain.

– Excerpt From: BYATT, Antonia – Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye.